Airborne Disease Transmission

Breaking the chain of airborne disease transmission in healthcare facilities.

This cross-campus team of researchers is developing infection isolation and removal solutions and devices designed to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19 and other airborne illnesses in healthcare settings. Working in close collaboration with partners in diverse clinical settings, this expert team of researchers aims to break the transmission of respiratory infections to make healthcare delivery safer.

Cluster members have expertise in fluid science, multiphase flows/aerosol/droplet dynamics, health/immunology/clinical trials, air quality simulation, biofluid mechanics, assistive health technology, dentistry, public health, epidemiology, surgery and anesthesiology.

They will form three integrated, multidisciplinary teams:


Lead: Jonathan Little

The Health team will assess high-risk healthcare settings, including hospitals, walk-in clinics and dental offices, develop procedures, analyze behaviours, and co-design airborne isolation and infection control solutions.

Indoor environment

Lead: Joshua Brinkerhoff

The Indoor Environment team will investigate how the design of indoor spaces, their ventilation and infection control systems, and the actions of human occupants in and through these spaces impact the transport of air and airborne droplets and aerosols.

R&D (technology development and design)

Lead: Sunny Li

The R&D team will develop devices focused on isolating and removing aerosols and droplets that transmit infections.