Data Safety and AI Literacy

Creating digital literacy tools for better data safety
blue side profile of face on cream, with the face filled with gears and technology and sky in bright colours

This image was generated by Midjourney, an AI visualization program, using a simple prompt: “How will artificial intelligence positively and negatively affect the world.”

The rapid increase in AI technologies has transformed the human experience, with many AI applications relying heavily on extensive data generated by, and about, humans. This presents challenges related to accountability, transparency, autonomy and dignity. To help ensure the safety of AI technologies for the benefit of society at large, the Data Safety and AI Literacy cluster will work with stakeholders to provide public education on AI and data literacy through innovative projects designed by the interdisciplinary research team. It will also develop computational tools to promote AI and data safety and serve as a resource for policymakers seeking guidance on regulation. The work will help equip the broader community with the essential tools needed to make informed choices and leverage the numerous advantages of AI. The cluster is a collaboration between humanists and social scientists dedicated to shaping AI governance and understanding the effects of AI on society and humanity, and technologists specializing in visual computing and engineering.



Pourang Irani

Wendy Wong