The Office of the Vice-Principal, Research & Innovation provides UBC Okanagan researchers with strategic guidance, resources and support. We oversee major strategic research initiatives, partnership development, and infrastructure investments.

The research culture on our campus is collaborative, agile and creative and we are committed to enhancing the social, environmental and economic well-being of our region.

Our researchers and scholars move quickly to capitalize on emerging opportunities and work collaboratively across diverse disciplines to create new knowledge and advance ‘made in the Okanagan’ solutions to help solve society’s most pressing problems.

UBC’s Okanagan campus in Kelowna is one of the most rapidly expanding campuses in Canada with a burgeoning research community and a diverse and inclusive network that transcends traditional boundaries.


Research Faculty


Active Research Projects (2021/22)

$ 46.7 M

Total Research Funding (2021/22)

Units in our Portfolio

The Office of the Vice-Principal, Research & Innovation (VPRI) oversees multiple administrative and support units working to enhance research collaborations, funding successes, and positive impacts in our community.

The Office of Research Services provides high quality, ‘one-stop’ administrative support and research facilitation services to assist researchers with identifying and obtaining funding, engaging with indigenous communities, and ensuring compliance with research policies and ethics requirements.

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The University-Industry Liaison Office (UILO) enables research and innovation partnerships between researchers, industry, government and non-profit organizations. Services include relationship development, partnership agreements, commercializing UBC research discoveries, and connecting potential start-ups with entrepreneurship training and support.

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The Survive and Thrive Applied Research (STAR) initiative is a network researchers, partners, and a world-class technical platform working together to identify and solve human performance challenges in extreme environments. STAR-enabled research has led to cross-sectoral advancements in a variety of sectors, including defense, health and sport.

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Our Entrepreneurship@UBCO programs and mentorship activities are designed to help UBC Okanagan students, faculty, staff and recent graduates explore their startup ideas, build connections within the Okanagan innovation ecosystem, and develop the skill set needed to launch a successful new venture.

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FiLTER is a shared resource platform specializing in trace element analysis and electron microscope imaging. The FiLTER lab offers a range of analytical services covering a broad spectrum of analytical requirements, including:

  • Analysis of over 60 elements in aqueous samples from parts per trillion to parts per million
  • In-situ analysis of over 60 elements in solid samples from parts per billion to percent level concentrations
  • Imaging and elemental mapping of samples
  • Sample preparation facilities for both ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ samples
  • Consultation on analytical requirements and data analysis

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Research Institutes bring together researchers with a shared interest in collaborating across a broad range of disciplines to tackle complex problems, create a hub for new knowledge, advance opportunities for partnership and impact.

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