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Research Grant Support

Research IT Support is committed to the support of research on campus and is ready to assist on any research grant. Should you require technical assistance or consultation at any stage or your research grant, contact one of the Research IT Support specialists.

For more information on how we can assist you on your research grant, please review the items listed below.

Consultation and Quotes

Research IT Support provides researchers with technical consultation on research projects as well as quotes for hardware and software.

  • Technical consultation on research projects
  • Technical quote preparation for research grant applications including in-kind and cash contributions of hardware, software, and services
  • Installation, support and maintenance of software and hardware
  • Unique support solutions for specialized instrumentation and computer hardware
  • Range of private research networks for security and performance
  • Network accounts for research assistants and technicians
  • Secure data storage environments
  • Secure data removal and project closure procedures

If you require any technical consultation or quotes for your research project, please submit a ticket at

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Lifecycle Management

Research IT Support can work with researchers throughout the many stages of the research lifecycle. Depending on the type of research being conducted the support required for any particular research project can vary greatly.

Some examples of how Research IT Support can assist you are given below.

Project Idea

  • Emerging technologies in IT
  • Feasibility consultation
  • Resources available

Project Grant Application

  • Consultation on required equipment
  • Hardware and software quotes including Cash Contributions
  • Description of purpose of hardware and software required


  • Workstation and server installations and configurations
  • Network, firewall, accounts, etc.
  • Wiring, backups, remote access
  • Collaborate with hardware vendors on installation for specialized devices

Data Acquisition

  • Shared online folders and access to online tools
  • Secure storage facilities
  • Implement any special requirements

Data Analysis

  • Advanced collaboration environments
  • Access to many online collaboration tools
  • Access to many site licenses available for research

Data Dissemination

  • Advanced collaboration environments
  • Access to many online collaboration tools
  • Shared online folders and access to online tools

Project Closure

  • Reallocating or disposal of hardware according to granting agency guidelines
  • Archiving of data
  • Remove or disable user accounts
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Special Requirements

Research IT Support is extremely flexible and to offer a number of services and options that other Universities are unable to provide. Because of our consolidated campus wide model you have a number of extremely skilled people able to implement a wide range of solutions. A few small examples of what is possible are listed below.

  • Supporting specialized networking requirements and environments
  • Supporting specific access needs
  • Supporting non-standard equipment required for specialized devices

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