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Document Management

Managing files and data can be a difficult task at the best of times; but, when multiple people at multiple institutions all require access and the ability to update and alter files, file management can become extremely problematic.

However, given the right tools, many of the issues and concerns that arise can be eliminated. Research IT Support offers document management solutions in the form of Source Code Management repositories(Subversion, Mercurial), web based network access file storage (Teaming, NetStorage) and digital asset management (ResourceSpace).

Revision Control Systems

A revision control system is software that aids in the tracking and management of changes to documents, source code or other computer files.  It will allow multiple authors to access and edit files remotely, while helping to track and manage the merging of those changes.  Research IT Support currently supports the popular subversion revision control system.


Subversion is one of the most popular revision control systems. Many clients are available, some that fully integrate with your operating system and applications.


NetStorage provides a means of accessing your secure personal storage from non-UBC computers using a web browser. What does this mean?  Get access to your F: drive from your laptop or home desktop PC.

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