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Research Strategy

Research activity at UBC’s Okanagan campus is guided by two plans: Place and Promise: The UBC Plan, which is a UBC-wide strategic plan, and The Strategic Research Support Plan, specifically developed to guide research activity on the Okanagan campus. A new plan for 2017-2022 is currently under review.

Place and Promise: The UBC Plan

UBC's strategic plan, Place and Promise: The UBC Plan (2009) provides a number of specific goals and actions to support the University’s commitment to Research Excellence.

The University creates and advances knowledge and understanding, and improves the quality of life through the discovery, dissemination, and application of research within and across disciplines.

UBC makes specific commitments in Place and Promise to research excellence. The chosen strategies build on our strengths while turning our collective attention to areas where UBC needs to change. Within each commitment there are a number of overarching actions as well as specific portfolio actions to be undertaken to deliver on the commitment.

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