2022 Principal’s Research Chair Announcement

UBCO Announces New Principal’s Research Chairholders

UBC Okanagan is pleased to announce the newest cohort of appointments under the Principal’s Research Chairs (PRC) program.

Deans submitted nominations for the PRC call in July 2022, which were jointly reviewed by the Provost and Vice-President Academic and the Vice-Principal, Research and Innovation.  We are pleased to announce that five UBCO faculty have been designated Principal’s Research Chairholders by the Principal and Deputy-Vice Chancellor.


2022 Principal’s Research Chairholders

Tier 1   Leadership, Learning, and Wellbeing  Professor Sabre Cherkowski | Okanagan School of Education | Retention Stream | effective July 2022

Tier 1  Critical Disability Studies Professor Rachelle Hole | Faculty of Health and Social Development Retention Stream | effective July 2022

Tier 1   Sustainable and Smart Manufacturing Professor Abbas Milani School of Engineering Retention Stream | effective July 2022

Tier 1  Trans-Pacific Digital Platform Studies Professor Kyong Yoon | Faculty of Creative & Critical Studies |Retention Stream | effective July 2022

Tier 2  Sensors and Microelectronics Associate Professor Mohammad Hossein Zarifi | School of Engineering | Retention Stream | effective July 2022


These new appointments are evidence of the importance and quality of research on our campus. We anticipate that the research findings and creative scholarly activities of these outstanding researchers will translate into tangible benefits to our region and global society.


2022 PRC Recruitment Allocations:

An additional PRC position has been allocated to enable new recruitments.

Tier 1  Computational Biology | Recipient TBD | Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science | Attraction Stream | by June 2023


About the PRC Program:

The Principal’s Research Chairs (PRC) program provides internal funding support for top-tier researchers engaged in outstanding research or creative scholarship.

Supported by the UBC Okanagan Excellence Fund, the goals of the PRC program are to:

  • Enable recruitment of outstanding new faculty
  • Retain top researchers
  • Promote research intensification
  • Generate international recognition of research achievements

The requirements of the PRC program are aligned with the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Canada Research Chair (CRC) program criteria and recipients of the award are appointed to a renewable five-year term.


Should you have questions regarding the Principal’s Research Chairs (PRC) or Canada Research Chairs (CRC) programs, please contact Nicole Bennett.

Best regards,

Rehan Sadiq
Provost and Vice-President Academic pro tem, UBC Okanagan

Philip Barker
Vice-Principal and Associate Vice-President, Research and Innovation