Library Support for Research

Researchers at UBC’s Okanagan campus have complete access to the collections of UBC Library. Subject Librarians are available to assist in the development of research strategies, to train research assistants and graduate students to search effectively and efficiently, and to identify resources of use to your research. Contact your Subject Librarian for more information.

Overview of Library Resources and Services

UBC's Okanagan campus Library Website

Our collections are large and diverse, and include more than 7 million volumes, more than 1.4 million e-books, 229,000 serial titles, 5.3 million microforms, more than 890,000 maps, audio, video and graphic materials, and more. The Library’s online services and electronic resources complement more traditional formats and are growing tremendously. Many Library services can be accessed online with your campus wide login (CWL).

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Subject Librarians at UBC's Okanagan campus Library

Subject Librarians specialize in providing support to specific subject areas. Within their assigned subject areas, Subject Librarians are responsible for teaching students and faculty to locate, evaluate and retrieve information, developing collections – both print and electronic, and providing support to faculty regarding teaching and research. Subject Librarians can assist in planning the amount of time a graduate student or research assistant should take to complete a literature review or other library research – and will also meet with those students to ensure they have the research skills required and work through research strategies and tools.

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Online Access to Library Resources – Off Campus Access

To get instant access, all you need to do is start your research from the UBC Library website. No setups required! When accessing a journal or database, EZproxy will automatically determine whether you are a valid UBC patron. If it cannot determine you are valid, it will simply ask you to provide your login credentials (i.e. CWL or Library Barcode/PIN).

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Inter-Library Loan (ILL)


If an article or book is not available at the UBC Library, you can submit an Inter-Library Loan request.  ILL services allow researchers to request access to items not held by UBC Library, which are borrowed from other institutions.  The delivery time for these items depends on the availability at other libraries.  Articles can take 1-2 days, books at least 7 days.  In some cases, it can be longer.  There are no fees or limits on ILL services for UBC researchers.

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cIRcle: UBC’s Information Repository

cIRcle is the University of British Columbia's digital archive for research and teaching materials created by the UBC community. Materials in cIRcle are openly accessible to anyone on the web, have persistent URLs, have statistics on downloads, and will be preserved for future generations. To deposit your scholarship in cIRcle contact and we will work with to set up a collection.

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RefWorks: Citation Management Software

RefWorks is a web-based citation management program that enables you to: download, gather, and store references from databases and library catalogues automatically; format citations and bibliographies in seconds; and share your citations. UBC Library maintains a site licence to both RefWorks and RefShare. They are available for free to current UBC students, faculty, and staff. UBC RefWorks accounts and databases are stored on servers located in Canada.  For help with RefWorks, visit RefWorks & Write-N-Cite | Get Research Help or contact your Subject Librarian to set up an appointment or workshop.

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Visiting Scholars

UBC Library is committed to supporting your collaboration. Visiting scholars with an appointment at UBC are entitled to a UBC Faculty ID card which doubles as a library card. Visiting scholars that do not hold an appointment need to complete this Faculty Authorization Form (PDF) to obtain a library card.

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Travelling Faculty & Access to Other Libraries

UBC Library has reciprocal borrowing agreements with many other libraries in Canada and the United States. This means that UBC faculty can easily access library collections while travelling or researching elsewhere. Click the link above for details of the documentation needed and a full list of participating libraries.

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Open Access & Scholarly Communication

The system of scholarship is going through a process of change across the world. Notions of authorship and scholarly publishing are rapidly evolving in the digital age. The purpose of this site is to track these developments, examine the issues and help navigate the debate surrounding changing models of scholarly communication for all those involved in scholarship.

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The official website for copyright information at UBC. Maintained by the UBC Scholarly Communications & Copyright Office, this website contains the most up-to-date information about copyright, including copyright guidelines and requirements, frequently asked questions, and help and resources. For questions about copyright, contact your Subject Librarian or visit the website above.

Research Data Management

UBC Library is committed to assist our faculty, students and staff with their research data management needs. This website provides a starting point and basic guidelines for research data management. For questions about research data management on the UBC Okanagan campus, please contact


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