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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become an important collaboration component for many researchers. Whether collaborating with external colleagues at other institutions, meeting with research team members located at remote installations and sites, or distributing results to interested groups around the world, videoconferencing can be used throughout the research lifecycle. Research IT Support provides access to a variety of videoconferencing technologies and capabilities.  These include:

High Definition (HD) Systems

These systems (LifeSize Room and Room 200 systems) connect using the standard IP based H.323 protocol. They are capable of connecting with most other standard systems (Polycom, Tandberg, Sony) and are capable of sending and receiving HD quality video streams with anywhere from 1 to 5 remote sites.

Standard Definition (SD) Systems

These systems (Polycom FX) are also standard IP based H.323; however, they have a lower quality video capability than the LifeSize systems listed above.

Skype and other Web Based Videoconferencing Technology

Sometimes, especially when connecting with colleagues in remote places or with low bandwidth connections, the best collaboration technology is Skype or some other desktop/web based collaboration software. Whether you would like to connect via your personal desktop, or require a meeting room setup, a solution can be found to connect with almost any videoconferencing technology you require.

Advanced Collaboration Environments

The WestGrid advanced collaboration room located in the Fipke building (Room 337) is not only capable of all of the videoconferencing technologies listed above, but also has standard telephone conferencing, multiple displays, and electronic touch screen/whiteboard capabilities. Further, it also has the ability to bridge remote participants that are using disparate technologies into a single integrated meeting. For example, it can bridge phone, videoconference, and Skype participants all into a single session.

  • For information on booking available resources, contact our IT Helpdesk at 250.807.9000
  • For in the WestGrid advanced collaboration facility (FIP337), contact Victoria Zalamea in IT, Media and Classroom Services to book.
  • For more information on Advanced Collaboration Environments or videoconferencing in general, please contact

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