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Audio and Web Conferencing

Many research collaborations are 'data centric' in nature, requiring high quality audio and perhaps a shared desktop environment without the need for video of the remote sites. To facilitate these types of collaborations Research IT Support provides a range of technologies and environments.

Wireless Conference Phones

Research IT Support can provide access to Wireless Conference Phones for use anywhere on campus. These phones provide standard speaker phone capabilities, but are wireless, so can be used anywhere required as long as campus wireless internet access is available. Instead of moving your conference to a specific meeting room, you can book one of these phones and hold your conference call wherever it is convenient for you.

Dial-in Teleconferencing Service

In order to address growing communication needs and help reduce costs, IT, Media and Classroom Services has released teleconferencing services campus wide. This service is available to all researchers, faculty, and staff requiring access to dial-in teleconferencing for on and off campus use.

Dial-in Teleconferencing allows organizers of a teleconference to set a date and time for participants to join by having them dial in to the conference system and entering an access code. Also, there are multiple ways to dial in to the conference system including a direct campus number, a local Kelowna and area phone number, or a North America toll-free number. Currently, IT, Media and Classroom Services has licensed 26 ports which will allow a total of 26 concurrent incoming phone calls to the teleconferencing server.

To request a teleconference simply submit a "Request Teleconference" ticket through the IT Helpdesk.  Your request will be processed within two business days. Please note that wireless conference phones are also available for loan if required.

Audio and Web Conferencing

For standard conference call setup, IT, Media and Classroom Services provides access to our Dial-In Teleconferencing system, a feature-rich audio conferencing solution.  Additionally, the Dial-In Teleconferencing system also provides web conferencing capabilities which allows you to enhance a conference call or meeting through the use of shared documents, presentations and chat, allowing an easy way for participants to view documents and participate more fully.

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