CEO Strategy Forums

Successful CEOs share their successes, challenges, confidential business strategies, and management techniques with entrepreneurs.

Our CEO Strategy Forums provide UBCO entrepreneurs with an opportunity to engage directly with CEOs who have successfully commercialized university innovation. Events include a networking reception and talk in a private setting.


CEO Strategy Forum, November 2019

In November 2019, e@UBCO brought together four successful entrepreneurs who have founded tech businesses in the BC Interior with global impact: Morgan Dehnel, founder of D-Pace, Brad Pommen founder of SMRT1 Technologies Ltd, Anne Marie Kirby founder of CoreHealth Technologies, and Keith MacIntyre founder of @Big Bear Software.

They shared their secrets on connecting with hard to reach B2B prospects for customer discovery and business development, protecting intellectual property, overcoming a desire to hide out in the lab, creative solutions to financing, team and culture building, talent recruitment, and more.

They shared their ups and downs and the community-building activities they are involved in – a striking feature of each story was their commitment to make our communities a better place.

  • CEO Strategy Forum, November 2019
    Keith MacIntyre, Big Bear Software

  • CEO Strategy Forum, November 2019
    Anne Marie Kirby, CoreHealth Technologies

  • CEO Strategy Forum, November 2019
    Brad Pommen founder of SMRT1 Technologies Ltd.


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